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  We provide a few different options to our customers based off of their needs, comfortability, and budget.

We specialize in our top to bottom- 360 degree cleanings, but we can break down each task to create a custom cleaning package specifically for your home.

  • Would you like just 1-2 housekeepers in your home?

  • Just need a basic cleaning? No problem! High Maintenance Housekeeping has you covered. 


  For our commercial customers, we offer a range of services, including carpet cleaning for your high traffic areas. Our services can accommodate establishments of any size while still providing our highest quality and best services.


  For our new construction customers, we go in after all construction is complete and fully clean all rooms, walls, windows, fixtures, cabinets, floors, baseboards, and appliances to prepare your space for sale, move-in, or business.


  Medical facilities need a little extra sanitization measures. We have all of the necessary disinfectants and supplies to properly clean your space leaving it spotless and pristine. 

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